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"A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings." That proverb comes close to articulating the importance of horses in Mongolia, whose people are outnumbered by its horses. Were it not for horses, Mongolian/American folk-fusion trio Tuvergen Band (“galloping” in Mongolian) may not exist, either. Tamir Hargana (lead vocals, folk lutes, morin khuur), Naizal Hargana (morin khuur, vocals), and Brent Roman (percussion, didgeridoo, vocals) first met in Lexington, where Tamir and Naizal moved in part because of the horse culture surrounding the Kentucky Derby. Years later, the three musicians reunited in Chicago, where they are now based, to play what they call “modern nomadic music”—an exhilarating sound indebted to Mongolian and Tuvan traditions but inflected with bluegrass sensibilities, blues instrumental flourishes, hard-driving rock rhythms, and more. 


Hailing from Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, Tamir and Naizal are both virtuosos on the two-stringed, cello-like morin khuur, colloquially called a horse-head fiddle and one of Mongolia’s most iconic instruments. Tamir is also an internationally renowned specialist in Mongolian and Tuvan khoomii (throat singing) and plays a variety of folk lutes, such as the three-stringed, banjo-like Tuvan doshpuluur and West Mongolian tovshuur. An ethnomusicologist who has studied Asian percussion his entire career, Roman augments these sounds with a custom hybrid drum kit of twenty global percussion instruments and didgeridoo, the latter’s overtone-rich timbre paralleling khoomii. Tuvergen Band uses this rich instrumental palette to reinterpret Mongolian and Tuvan folk songs on subjects as varied as horse culture, nature, and everyday life in the steppes.


The band welcomes you to the “Tuvergen Experience” – a Mongolian Folk-Fusion Trio.


For more information, visit 

and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @tuvergen_band. 

                                                                 Tonight’s Program

                                    1. Dyngelday                                             7. Igor’s Solo

                                    2. Mongolian Boots                                 8. Anduud

                                    3. Altargana                                              9. Aduun Surug

                                    4. Ekki Attar                                              10. Drinking Song

                                    5. Yenisei River                                        11. Hongurai

                                    6. Calvalry                                                12. Tuvergen

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