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Tuvergen Band is a high-energy Mongolian Folk-Fusion trio based in Chicago. The members are Tamir Hargana (Mongolian/Tuvan overtone singing, folk lutes, and horse-head fiddle), Naizal Hargana (Horse-head fiddle), and Brent Roman (Multi-percussionist & Didgeridoo). Each of these world-traveling performers contribute their own musical tradition, creating a blend of ancient Mongolian & Tuvan melodies and idiomatic world music rhythms. Drawing upon a deep understanding of regional history & culture, they blend traditional melodies with a dense stratified rhythmic foundation. The inspired inclusion of Australian didgeridoo unexpectedly compliments the vibrancy of the overtone singing, manifesting in a distinctively fresh global sound. The trio combines traditional instruments and lush vocals with innovative world percussion and didgeridoo to create a sound not heard anywhere else. The musical experience transitions between serenity and exhilaration; an ever-evolving musical journey. Tuvergen Band invites you to join them on their presentation of “Modern Nomadic Music”.

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