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Tuvergen Band



The Ensemble


Tuvergen Band is a high-energy Mongolian Fusion-Folk trio based in Chicago, IL. Each of these world-traveling performers brings their own musical tradition, creating a blend of ancient Mongolian and Tuvan melodies with modern sensibilities and idiomatic world music rhythms. Creating a true milieu of sounds and styles taken from our diverse travels, is our take on modern nomadic music. 


The Roots


Mongolian folk music draws heavily upon elements of the animals and nature of the region. The nomadic lifestyle imparts a deep spiritual connection with nature and the elements present in that land. Often there are imitations of animal sounds, weather, and the landscapes of the Mongolian steppe. 


The Music


Combining traditional instruments and modern sounds these three bridge the space between old and new, incorporating innovative percussion that drives sounds not heard in any other ensemble!!


Overtone singing, called “Khoomii”, is often utilized in traditional Mongolian music. It is a style of throat singing in which multiple pitches can be produced at the same time by the singer.

Doshpuulur, is a three-stringed Tuvan lute, similar to a banjo, and is mainly used to accompany Khoomii singing and traditional folk songs. 


Tovshuur, is a two-stringed Mongolian lute. This instrument is often used in accompaniment for story telling or traditional Mongolian dance.

Morin Khuur, also known as “horse-head fiddle” is one of the most iconic Mongolian national instruments. It is a two-string bowed instrument, similar to cello, and is constructed with horsehair to make the strings and bow. A horse head sits atop the instrument providing the character and spirit of the instrument. 

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